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Welcome to Emsculpt & Kybella Spa Of Queens & NYC

Emsculpt & Kybella Spa Of Queens & NYC

The most advanced and reliable body sculpting service is now within your reach. With our certified physicians and doctors’ combined efforts and experience, you can rest assured you will receive nothing but the best and most special body sculpting service you can ever imagine. Your body is meant to be flaunted by you and admired by many. You should love yourself at all times. However, there are no negatives in trying to be the perfect self you can be. Achieving this can be in various ways. Most people decide to hit the gym regularly, while others choose to follow a diet or regimen. While the above options are plentiful and highly recommended to people seeking fantastic bodybuilding, it is a significantly slow method of achieving your goal. However, some procedures are both quick and less demanding than the ones listed. One of them is body sculpting.

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    About Us

    Do you have pockets of fat that are proving difficult to go regardless of how hard you try? Do you desire to tighten your skin in some areas of your body? Then try our body contour and sculpting services.

    As the technology regarding body contouring is continually evolving, we’re always swift to adapt to changes, thereby consistently offering you one of the best body contouring treatment you can get in NY.

    Almost everybody takes exercise and diet as the best way to slim down and tone for beach season, but there’s always more to that. When fat cells in some regions of the body prove challenging to get rid of even with exercise or dieting, you can always count on the us to “sculpt” your body.

    Our double board certified doctor will help you zap out those fat tissues and help you attain a more voluptuous bum. When weighed against other options, our fat dissolving and skin-tightening procedures for body contouring that are less invasive are more appealing.

    Body sculpting is technology’s answer to a fit and better-looking body. It involves the removal of body fats without surgery. It can be achieved by passing heat through the body either by ultrasound or radio-frequency therapy. Fat cells can also be frozen and terminated with body sculpting. We offer body sculpting treatments using two significant types of equipment, such as Emsculpt and Kybella.


    Emsculpt is a body sculpting tool that stimulates muscle contraction in the specific region of the body to emulate the process of exercise. This high-intensity electromagnetic therapy has got the world talking due to its effectiveness and success rate. It can be used for both fat burning and muscle building. Only thirty minutes is required for the Emsculpt machine to perform up to 20,000 contractions of the supramaxial muscle. The procedure is non-intrusive and doesn’t require any form of surgery. Our expert physicians can maximize the efficiency of the Emsculpt to give you that perfectly contoured body shape you want.


    Unlike Emsculpt, Kybella is a body contouring treatment that requires injecting a synthetic deoxycholic acid in the area of concern. This solution breaks down the surrounding fats in the area and gives the skin a refreshing and rejuvenated appearance. Kybella is said to be more effective at burning fat than the Emsculpt. However, Emsculpt does better work at tightening the skin than Kybella that would typically require a different skin tightening procedure after its administration. Our doctors are more than capable of administering the Kybella to you at the appropriate dosages and appointed times.

    If you’re seeking a non-intrusive and efficient body sculpting service, you should opt for the Emsculpt. However, if you need a beneficial fat-dissolving service and won’t mind the intrusion and a skin tightening procedure afterwards, you should consider Kybella. Regardless, both services are of high-quality and will be administered to you by the best physicians available.